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Veterinary Services

General Medicine

We offer comprehensive veterinary care and preventative medicine for your pets including physical examinations, vaccinations, heartworm testing for dogs, heartworm prevention, feline leukemia/feline AIDS testing for cats, deworming, urinalysis, and bloodwork. In addition, we offer diagnosis and treatment of acute or chronic illnesses.

Wellness and Geriatric Exams

For the health of your pet, regular professional veterinary care is essential, especially for your senior pet. Preventive veterinary care not only lengthens the life of your pet, it also improves your pet's quality of life. A regular and complete physical for your pet can increase the chances of early diagnosis and treatment of physical ailments. If we can make a diagnosis and recommend treatment early in the disease process then the better the outcome. We also offer geriatric screenings for your older pets which includes urinalysis and bloodwork. We are happy to work with you to determine the best diagnostic, wellness and treatment programs for your pets.

Surgery (including laser surgery)

Spaying and neutering are the most typical surgery for pets, however, like humans, pets sometimes need surgery to treat illness and prolong their life. Depending on the surgery needed for your pet, you will be provided with specific instructions as far as pre- and post-surgical care. Typically, we ask that all food and water be taken away by midnight the night before surgery. This is important in that it helps to prevent life threatening aspiration.

We also offer radiowave surgery which in many procedures can be a better alternative to traditional surgery. Please see Radio Wave Surgery for more information.

Dental Care

Proper dental care is important for your pet's health and well being. Without proper dental care, your pet can development teeth and gum problems that not only affects the mouth, but can also lead to more serious health problems such as heart, lung and kidney disease. Because of this, it is important that your pet receives proper dental care early on and throughout their life. We can properly diagnose and treat dental problems, including teeth cleaning and extractions if necessary, in addition to recommending how to properly maintain your pet's dental health.

Radiographs (X-Rays)

Our on site x-ray machine and automatic processor enables us to take radiographs of your pet and have them available within minutes. This allows us to obtain an image of our pet's internal structures which may help us diagnose illnesses that aren't visible to the naked eye.

Nutritional Counseling

Whether your pet is young and healthy or older with special needs, we can assist you in choosing the proper diet in order to optimize nutrition and maintain the health of your pet. If needed for your pet, We can precribe special diet pet foods available in house and also online through our pharmacy.